Email Marketing is Good. You Can Make It Better.

Email marketing is an excellent advertising medium.  It is inexpensive.  It is targeted to your partisans and prospects.  You have almost total control.

Here are some tips to make the marketing emails you send work better for you.

  1. Entice me with your subject line.  Do not use “Bob’s Plumbing October Newsletter.”  Do not use “The Latest Gossip from Bob’s Plumbing.”  Try “What Not to Flush” or “Check Out This Kitchen Sink.”
  2. Do not write too much copy.  Keep the sentences and the paragraphs short.  Some people will just scan your email.  Give them small bites that they can digest quickly.
  3. Do not include too many items.  If you have so many that you require a table of contents, I am likely to delete your email instantly.
  4. Include a call to action.  Invite readers to click a link, visit a retail location, call for an appointment, do something or buy something.
  5. If your email service provider has templates that suit your needs, use them.  Include photos and graphics, but avoid loud colors.
  6. Give thought to when you send your email.  Experiment with which days of the week and times of day result in a larger percentage of opens.
  7. Make sure your text is big enough to read.  Some people may be reading your email on a mobile phone or an iPad.

Your marketing emails can provide good return on investment.  Be sure you invest the time and effort necessary to make them deliver results.





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