Don’t Waste Your Twitter Account!

I saw it again last week.  An organization (which I will not name) has a Twitter account that is bringing little value.  The account, active since May, has a tiny number of followers.  My guess is that their PR person has included tweeting among the services he or she is charging for and is posting tweets, which are being seen by very few people.

What would I advise be done with a Twitter account like this one?  Thanks for asking!  First, follow people (or organizations).  Follow people in your town.  Follow people in your business field (yes, even competitors).  Follow people in media.  Follow local PR, marketing and interactive people—they are among the more active folks on Twitter.  Twitter will suggest people to follow.  Some of these people will follow back but most will not.

Then, from time to time, respond to their tweets and occasionally retweet their posts that are amusing, newsworthy or somehow notable.  Not to the point of annoyance, but if you engage with others on Twitter, others will engage (and follow) you.

Post tweets of your own.  You should post about your business, even brag and promote, but if that’s all you post on Twitter, you may soon be “unfollowed.”  Post a comment, an observation, an encouragement.  I have seen “experts” suggest that businesses tweet ONLY about business.  I disagree.

The organization referred to above is in a field of business that many find interesting.  Could Twitter be of benefit to this group?  Absolutely!  By attracting just a few more people to their events via Twitter, those events could become more successful.   By sharing links to web content about their field, they would likely get retweets of their own and collect more followers (AKA “prospects”).

If you’re on Twitter, don’t just go through the motions.  Work it and get results!


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