5 Ways to Make a Client Happy

  1. Be a customer.  Buy his products or services.  At regular prices.  If he gives you a discount, take it, but don’t expect it.
  1. Give him something.  Not just some generic gift item.  (I passed along a copy of the script of the movie “Ratatouille” to my restaurant client.  Being a chef, he loved the movie and owned the DVD.  But the script was something extra special.)
  1. Be tolerant of shortcomings—–as long as the checks clear.  Even if the client cancels that important meeting three times before you get to sit down with him, accept that as part of the deal.
  1. Don’t be afraid to share a negative comment that you have heard or read.  This shows that you are concerned about his reputation.  He may ignore the input or he may regard it as constructive criticism.  Even if he finds it upsetting, he should appreciate your passing along this feedback.
  1. Deliver results that his customers, vendors, competitors, friends and relatives notice.  When they mention what they saw, heard or experienced, he’ll be happy he hired you!



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