How Much is Enough?

“Always leave ‘em wanting more” is an old show biz adage.  It can also apply to much of what is communicated today.

Do you ever find yourself reading the opening paragraphs of an item in print or online and merely skimming the last half of the piece?  Do you ever change channels during a broadcast report that starts strong but then drones on and on?  Have you ever avoided a written work altogether because its length was intimidating?  When a friend shares a link to a video, are you more likely to watch a 50 second clip than one that runs 5 minutes?

We all have a limited amount of time and attention.  We want information and ideas about many things, from many sources.  Consuming more chunks of content in a finite amount of time requires that we go for smaller chunks.

When you are thrifty with words and get to your point, you save time for your reader, viewer or listener.  You decrease the risk of having your content skipped over or deleted.  And your next communication may be given greater attention.

Enough?  More later!


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