Media Coverage Begets Media Coverage

Why is that?  I believe it’s because some of the biggest consumers of media are other media people.  Have you ever noticed a story that gets coverage in the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal on network TV shortly thereafter?  Read your local daily newspaper then note how closely local TV and radio news coverage corresponds to what the paper has chosen to cover.

If a media person sees, hears or reads coverage of a person, product or event, the coverage topic is given a degree of legitimacy in the media person’s mind.  (If the first coverage came from a PR pitch, an adept media relations person will share that initial coverage with other outlets that she/he has pitched on the story.)

Yes, there are some who may not want to jump on a topic if it has been plastered all over print, radio and TV.  But for most, if the subject matter is compelling enough and appropriate for his/her reader/viewer/listener, the media person will be eager to share, no matter where the idea came from.

Here are more ways that media coverage begets media coverage.  A person who is deemed by one media outlet as an “expert” on a particular topic, may be called upon by other media to offer expertise.  A business that is said by one media outlet to have the “best (whatever) in town” may also be so noted by other media.  If a media person finds that a certain individual can offer a good, useful comment, the media person is likely to go back to the source he knows rather than try to get something from a new source.

If you work to accommodate media and make yourself (or your client) easy to reach, you will discover how media coverage can lead to even more media coverage.  Go for it!










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