Leverage “Leverage” to Gain Leverage

Up till now, “leverage” is not a word that I have generally used as a verb.  Depending on context, I feel the words “use,” “employ,” “exploit” or “utilize” are usually better verbs than “leverage.”

I have read multiple rants against using “leverage” as a verb, denouncing it a trendy buzzword or as a noun masquerading as a verb.  I will admit the main reason I have avoided using “leverage” as a verb is because, to me, it sounded a bit pretentious.

Maybe it’s time to change my tune.  With all buzzwords, slang and jargon, the more you hear them used, the more familiar and meaningful they become.  For me, this is the case with “leverage.”

Starting today, I will work to leverage my content to show that I am a savvy business communicator.  If I can leverage “leverage” one more time, this post may even leverage a higher ranking in search.  And that might give me a bit more… leverage (noun)!

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