Do Good. Then Tell the World.

Businesses are often asked to help charities.  Sponsor a golf tournament.  Donate an item for an auction.  Or, on a larger scale, fund a wing for a hospital.  Endow a chair at a university.  If your budget allows it, step up and do your part.  Whether you give out of pure altruism or not, your gift is worth touting.

When your contribution is significant, you can expect the recipient organization to share the news of your generosity.  But what do you do if your company donates say, a new sound system for a school, and there is no appropriate corresponding public acknowledgement?

Unless you truly wish to remain anonymous, that’s when you and your PR team must step in and tell the world—or at least your community—that you have done this good thing.  (You may wish to do this even if the organization has shared the news through its own channels.)

In business, you can never have too much good will.  Your good reputation can lead to greater sales and better relations with bankers and government entities.  Your giving can inspire other businesses to match or exceed your gift.  Give and be proud about it.



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