Creativity—It’s a Walk in the Park!

You spend your day and maybe part of your night in front of a computer screen.  You write, you edit, you design, you compose.  You spew out content.  You work to keep it fresh and engaging.  This does not always happen.

Coffee or Red Bull may ignite your muse.  Input from a spouse or co-worker may trigger an idea.  Inspiration can come from the media you consume—a song, a video, a blog, a book, a movie.  I suggest that you step outside.

When I lived in Florida, I did my best creative thinking while walking on the beach.  In the Midwest, I find that a walk in a park usually stimulates my brain.  City park, suburban park, rural bike trail—they each can have the same effect.  A change in scenery—not unlike a change in the weather or a change of seasons—takes your mind to a different place.

Lose the screen; enjoy some green.  Or risk putting out the same old same old.




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