Restaurant Marketing with Email, Part Two

Once you begin assembling a mailing list and setting up an account with an ESP, what will your email marketing content be?  In addition to news and information about your restaurant, you can include links to any positive media coverage you have received.  You can quote some of the nice remarks from diner comment cards.  You can include a photo and a profile of your chef, a server or a bartender.  Write about a popular menu item.  Always include calls to action:  “dine with us this weekend,” “taste this wonderful steak,” “enjoy a bottle of our new vintage just in from Tuscany,” etc.

When you begin an email marketing campaign for your restaurant, bar, coffee house, food truck, shaved ice shack or other food/beverage operation, remember to be consistent in your communication.  Stay true to your brand image.  If you offer an elite fine dining experience, your email should not be silly or goofy.  If your venue is hip and trendy, make sure that your email content reflects that image.  This applies to the words you write, the images you include and the font you choose.

My most important suggestion for your food and beverage email campaign is EDIT!  Keep your message brief.  The majority of people who receive your emails will not open them.  (True!)  So you must respect the time and attention spans of those kind souls who do open your email.  Which email are you more likely to read:  one that runs three paragraphs or one that runs three pages?


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