Tell Your Story—People Do Care!

Your business hires a new manager.  This item is sent (along with a professional photo) to your local newspaper’s business section and to your local business journal.

Who is going to care?  First, the new employee will—and so will this person’s friends and family members.  It’s generally good for the ego to get your name and/or picture in the paper.  Your other employees should also be happy to see that your business takes enough pride in its staff to share this news.

Your bankers and investors will likely take note of this (presumably positive) change you are making.  Your customers, suppliers, business associates and competitors may also see this item.

Will this listing increase sales?  If this new hire has produced sales in other jobs, it is possible that old customers may see his or her picture and call to say hello.

Your news may be significant to government entities and individuals.  For instance, if this new worker is an attorney, local judges could be interested.  Another result could be a larger pool of applicants for upcoming openings.  Even if you are not hiring now, you should be glad to add new qualified candidates to your files.

Let your local community know that your organization is evolving, not just standing still.  Forward progress always is a good thing.


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