Are Media Swinging at Your Pitches?

You see it happen often in baseball games.  A pitch is thrown right down the middle of the plate.  Yet the batter does not move his bat.  The next pitch is low and outside, breaking away from the batter.  This time he swings away!  Sometimes a batter’s instincts win out over logic.

You may have presented a media member with a pitch that you know to be right in his or her sweet spot.  You can almost see it or hear it in print or on air.  You feel that this opportunity is one that this person can make into an excellent article or package.  Why would she or he pass on this pitch that’s right down the middle?

There are numerous possibilities:  1.  Been there; done that.  Your pitch is too similar to other recent content from this outlet.  2.  Executive veto.  Your pitch was one the reporter or host/producer liked but the editor or program/news director did not like.  3.  Supply and demand.  The media person has too many good choices in the pipeline.  4.  Something missing.  There may be a lack of emotional connection, strong visuals or timeliness.

But don’t stop pitching.  Media are hungry for content.  You have a story that you and your client know has value.  Present it to media in words that clearly show your concern for their needs.


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